Trial Balance: An Important Chapter of Bookkeeping for Construction Companies

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Trial Balance is the statement that summarizes the closing balance of all ledger accounts. It works with the purpose to validate the arithmetic accuracy of all ledger accounts. It is an accounting table that specifies the financial position of a company. Trial balance is the easiest way to ascertain the financial balance of the company as a whole. Proper management of trial balance is a very crucial part of bookkeeping services for small business

What are the components of a trial balance?

The trial balance mainly deals with two components that largely contribute to systematic accounting. When dealing with numbers, there are two noticeable things:

  1. The inflow of resources
  2. The outflow of resources

These two terminologies give rise to two very crucial elements of accounting: Debit and Credit.


The debit column of the Trial balance holds two things: Assets of a company, all expenses and losses.


The credit column of the Trial balance holds the Liabilities of a company, all income and gains.

Overall, these are four components that make up a company’s accounting: Assets, Liabilities, income, expenses, losses, and gains.

Here’s how a Trial Balance helps in a firm’s accounting:

Error Identification:

A Trial Balance helps allocate errors in accounting. Since it sums up all the individual ledgers, it helps determine items that might have been missed or inserted wrong. There could be certain journal entries that existed but were not included in records, and then some can also fall into the category of error entry. All of such problems get an assertion with trial balance. If there is anything that is missing or going wrong, the trial balance will never tally. Error-free bookkeeping for construction companies is a very essential component of growth.

How is a Trial Balance Prepared?

A traditional trial balance has two columns, as already ascertained, Debit and Credit. These two columns contain their respective elements concluded from the Ledger. For the accounting to be accurate, the sum of these two columns should be equal. That shows that the firm has a balanced accounting without any slight error. The trial balance would not tally even if there is a small error.

Modern World Accounting’

Virtual bookkeeping companies have shifted their accounting from manual mode to electronic mode; hence a manual trial balance has the least existence in today’s world. Experts mostly believe that accounting software is a better and more reliable option. Maybe, the system has changed, the platform has transformed, but the basics and concept of Trial Balance remain the same.

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