Top 4 Accounts Payable Automation Software in 2022

The staunch support of Accounts Payable automation has made the accounting world gawk over the technology with a lot of expectations. We have discussed the significance of digitized accounting operations in our previous blogs, and it seems like the elaboration isn’t close to any conclusion. 

The possibility of gaining numerous benefits and adapting best practices has made the process much more seamless.

But, here’s the main question- which ones to choose among the various options available for the accounts payable option?

So, let’s help you get an idea of software that works effortlessly to support your efficient finance and accounting operations. What do top accounts payable outsourcing companies use?

Here’s a guide to choosing the best AP software in 2022:  

Sage Intacct:

Taking a note of the many tasks this software facilitates, it can be claimed as multi-functional. It is one of the efficient software for accounts payable automation. The facilities offered by this software include:

  • Processing of invoice facilitating reduction in total time
  • Tracking of real-time payment
  • Production of analytical reports for optimizing
  • Generating real-time insights
  • ageing real-time vendors

One of the favourite AP software for many accountants, offers a great in-hand handling experience. 

The best service offered by this software leverages the effortlessly powered automation software based on machine learning. offers:

  • Importing of invoices in multiple ways
  • route handling
  • Simplification of the entire process through customization of approval workflows
  • Flexible payment options. 

Oracle NetSuite:

With automation of payment invoices, approval and review, the Oracle NetSuite pacifies itself as high-end automation software. It renders a 360-degree control from procurement to the payment process. It has a significant contribution towards small business accounting services

Some of the many functions of this AP software includes:

  • Reducing errors
  • Handling exceptions
  • Maintaining vendor records
  • Automatic matching of invoices
  • Automated journal entries
  • Real-time access to important information


Well, this AP software can easily conclude as the leading one. This has been automating Accounts Payable for numerous businesses across the globe. 

The fundamental modules include:

  • Processing of invoices
  • Improvised accuracy
  • Reduced risk
  • Less staffing required
  • Offers more than 200 integrations

It acts as a single platform view of invoices, utility bills, payments, and other movable parts. 
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