Know the ‘how and about’ of UK Corporation Tax and the role of our helping hands towards the same

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Tax is a liability for any business owed to the government. Corporation tax is one of the most important taxes to be paid by small firms in the UK. A piece of precise knowledge of corporate accounting for small business is worth the time invested in acquiring it. As long as you are earning, you are liable to pay the corporate tax to the government. In general, tax is the sum that one pays for just existing as a revenue-generating body to the authority of the area you are working in. Taxes are of multiple kinds, and corporate tax is one of them.


The tax that a limited company pays to the country’s government, where the business is primarily and officially centric, is the corporate tax. Further simplifying, it is also called a company’s tax. We need to understand that your company can be functioning in various other countries. Still, you do not pay the corporation tax to all the countries your business is operating in. Instead, it goes to the government of the country you are based in.

UK Corporation Tax

Until 1965, the UK based companies had to pay the normal income tax on revenue generated till the 1st of April when the FINANCE ACT 1965 was passed, which replaced Income tax with corporate taxation.

Items Included:

  1. Trading Profits
  2. Investments
  3. Gain through the sale of assets


It must be passed annually by the parliament to collect it. Corporate tax is charged based on the company’s accounting period, anywhere from 9 to 12 months. The current corporation tax in the UK is 19% on resident companies; however, relief of EURO 300000 to EURO 1.5 MILLION is provided to ring-fenced companies. Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs administer the tax.Small business accounting services incorporate all work related to corporation tax.

Model Simplification Example

Suppose you start a corporate company and you base the company in the UK. This means that all the revenue generated from overseas trading, including the domestic trading and the two items mentioned above, would make way for a corporate tax of 19 per cent based on your accounting period to be paid to the Government of the UK.

Recent Update

The United Kingdom is about to increase the corporate tax rate to 25 per cent in 2023 for a level and above of revenue.


The accounting period of the UK starts from the 1st of January to the 31st of December the same year, but companies can have a different pattern.

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